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Sparta Science is a leader in the application of AI-enabled movement diagnostic software in the pursuit of human resilience. Sparta Science optimizes health and performance for athletes, warfighters, fitness clients and patients with evidence-based movement scans and data-driven exercise prescriptions that minimize injury risk and speed effective rehabilitation to physical activity. Sparta technology is used worldwide by elite and conventional military forces, professional, collegiate, high school and youth sports organizations, strength training professionals, and medical providers committed to helping people move better, at work, at play, and on duty.

The Sparta System

Trusted by over 100+ partners across the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, athletic teams, the military, and medical organizations, the Sparta System is a musculoskeletal health diagnostic technology for movement and balance comprised of force plate hardware and machine learning software. The Sparta System enables professionals including trainers, coaches, and medical professionals to quickly administer movement assessments (Balance Scan, Plank Scan, Jump Scan), identify injury risk due to movement imbalances, and prescribe personalized exercise programs to correct weaknesses. The Sparta database comprises nearly one million scans and thousands of injuries from tens of thousands of people to assess movement health and injury risk in seconds.

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The Leader in Spine Functional Adaptation Restoration

The Leader in in Spine Functional Adaptation Restoration

For over 20 years, DBC Active Spine Care® has documented superior outcomes in a global network of spine care centers utilized by medical professionals and employers.

Evidence Based

DBC Active Spine Care® is an evidence-based, bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program, proven to not only improve spine health, but also to improve the overall well-being of patients. DBC uses FDA listed and patented medical treatment devices specifically designed to isolate the spine and target the patient’s specific problem.

Discover why DBC's Program is the best option.

DBC Active Spine Care® is published and clinically validated to produce long-term outcomes.

  • Proven combination of symptom relief and spine functional adaptation
  • 90% positive results in over 150,000 patients worldwide
  • Significantly reduces pain and disability while rebuilding function and well-being for a more productive and meaningful life

*Statistics according the DBC Active Spine Care® scientific research results.

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Physical Therapy Services

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy, also know as hands-on therapy, includes skilled hand movements and skilled passive movements of the joints and soft tissue. These techniques can result in the short term pain relief necessary to engage in active flexibility, range of motion, and strengthening exercises that will drive long term pain relief.

Range of Motion Exercises

Mobility exercises and stretches are designed to relieve pain symptoms and restore normal movement. Increasing range of motion will allow for more active therapy to increase strength and durability to reduce pain long term.

Pain Management

Depending on the pain level, therapists may engage in passive therapy treatments to resolve symptomatic pain in the short-term with heat or ice packs, electrical stimulation, dry needling, or massage.

Strengthening Exercises

Physical therapists will determine which muscle groups need to be strengthened to relieve pain and/or increase mobility. These exercises are an integral part of the rehab program.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is a therapeutic exercise and resistance therapy performed in heated water. Aquatic therapy can be used when non-weight bearing treatment is recommended due to inflammation, pain, muscle spasms, or a limited range of motion. Aquatic therapy can help improve strength, range of motion, and flexibility.

Dry Needling

For Dry Needling, a needle without medication or injection is inserted through the skin to the muscle. The needle allows therapists to target specific trigger points. Dry needling can reduce pain, ease muscle tension and improve range of motion.

McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method is an internationally acclaimed assessment and treatment for spinal pain. It involves 4 parts- assessment, classification, treatment, and prevention. After the therapist completes the assessment and classifies the pain condition, he/she will create a specific plan with exercises and advice to help alleviate the pain.

Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular therapy is an exercise-based program that will improve balance and dizziness issues. It may address the deficits in balance, leg strength, flexibility, gait, visual stability, neck mobility, and neck strength.

Posture Education

Posture education is important to prevent recurring chronic pain. Therapists may suggest adjustments to working habits or at-home exercises to adjust posture and maintain pain relief results.

Specialty Treatments

This list is not exhaustive of all the services offered by our network of physical therapists and physical therapy clinics. Therapists may determine that specialty treatments or alternative treatment methods are needed to achieve the best long-term results.